The heart of Marendry

What gives Marendry its distinctive fragrance and rounded flavour is, of course, Amarena Fabbri.
The hallmark of the Fabbri company, this product grew out of Gennaro and his wife Rachele’s love for each other and was originally called "Marene con succo" (Sour cherries in their own juice). These cherries were one of the specialities in the couple’s shop in Portomaggiore and to celebrate their exquisite taste, Gennaro packaged them in a prestigious blue and white Faenza ceramic jar. Produced with the same recipe as always, Amarena Fabbri is now famous the world over as an icon of style and quality. With its brilliant red colour, Amarena Fabbri adds an extra touch of refinement an extra touch of refinement to cocktails, long drinks and aperitifs; a real concentration of flavour in the universe of mixed drinks.

The heart of Marendry, Amarena Fabbri balances the bitter notes of Mediterranean citrus to add a touch of velvety sweetness to all-time classics or new creations.

The garnish your cocktail deserves

On its own or in complex garnishes, Amarena Fabbri is ideal for all drinks, perfect for international cocktails, like Aviation, John Collins or Pina Colada, and fundamental for Manhattan and Old Fashioned.