Enhancing the value of professional bartenders

Between the First and Second World Wars, Bologna grew rapidly and the spirits market expanded along with it. The rise in the number of companies in this production sector, as well as a host of new shops and cafés in the town centre demonstrate how significant this boom was.

In 1935 Gennaro Fabbri bought the Bar Centrale in the heart of Bologna, which was also the town’s business centre. This is where Fabbri’s passion for bartending was born and what led to a new range of products, including Marendry.

In the early 1960s the Trofeo d’Oro Amarena Fabbri competition was launched and the Tuttobar news reports for the time record that a certain Fortunato Zaccaro won the cocktail category with a drink named FORTUNATO based on Marendry Fabbri (2/4 Marendry, 1/4 orange juice, 1/4 Triple Sec, 1 Amarena).

Fortunato Zaccaro

Targa d’Oro Amarena Fabbri - 1966