Marendry recipe
The secret of the 3 Cs

Marendry is a bitter liqueur with a low alcohol content (21%), no artificial colouring or flavours, and is produced in Italy by Fabbri according to the traditional recipe from the family’s distillery.

It combines the discreet, rounded sweetness of Amarena Fabbri with the delicate fragrance and aromatic notes of Mediterranean citrus fruits, like Chiretta, a bitter plant from the Gentianaceae family that is used as a tonic in bitter liqueurs and pharmaceutical mixtures, and Chinotto, an ancient and salutary species of Rutaceae fruit that is particularly common in Liguria, as well as in Tuscany, Sicily and Calabria.

The third “C” in the Marendry recipe is Chinino, or Quinine, an extract from the bark of the cinchona tree that aids digestion and has both depurative and antioxidant properties.

The perfect balance of these ingredients makes Marendry the ideal ingredient for remixing classic cocktails or stimulating creative bartenders to try out new combinations.