You can never go wrong with an Americano! Because the Americano puts the capital “A” in Aperitif. Originally invented in Italy in 1860, today, this cocktail is famous the world over. Its simplicity and balance make it the ideal pre-dinner drink. But there is no limit to perfection. Marendry’s unmistakable character now offers this classic a new “Dolce Vita” in the form of "Un Americano a Bologna": a cocktail with a unique character and new aromatic balance thanks to a touch of Amarena Fabbri sweetness. An exciting new page in the history of this great Italian drink.

50 ml Marendry Fabbri
20 ml red vermouth
5 ml Amarena Fabbri syrup
Top soda

Directly in the glass
Double rock/highball glass
Garnish: orange twist and Amarena Fabbri